Becky's visit to the Black Country Museum

Some photographs of Becky's visit to the Black Country Museum with the Deaf Club

A trolley bus

Trolley buses used to run in the Midlands up to the 1960's, they had electric motors instead of diesel engines.

On the Tram

The Trams were also electric, here some of Becky's friends are riding on the Tram.

Helter Skelter in the rain

The fairgound is straight out of the 1920's.

The funfair

It was a bit quiet because of the rain.

Old Victorian School

The school was Saint James C of E

In the classroom

These children look a bit naughty!!


Becky's friends after school.

To the little shops

The street where the shops are.

The other side of the street.

The shops were like this 60 years ago.

Inside a sweetshop

The sweets came in jars not packets.

Old Victorian Shop

This one sold shoes and brushes.

The queue for chips.

Waiting for dinner outside the fish and chip shop.

The local Pub

At last a pub.

Old Tram

This tram must be 100 years old.

The Cafe by the canal

Maybe a cup of tea now.

Narrow boats on the canal

The barges used to bring the iron ore and take away the iron goods that were made here.

Hello, hello!!

The policeman has chat with the public.

Inside the museum

The old car has a good shine.

Old motorbikes

I wonder if they still work?

An old Bean truck

These used to deliver things to the shops.

The old fire engine

They don't look like firemen!.

On a motorbike!!!

You should have a crash helmet on.

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